Unlock Atlassian Excellence: Tailored Services with Atlassian Suite and Plugins!

Elevate your Atlassian experience with our services, integrating Atlassian Suite and plugins. Streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and receive expert support for optimal tool utilization.

Key services

Enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and Revolutionary products delivering a seamless, efficient, and transformative user experience maximise productivity

Configuration and Customisation

Tailor Atlassian Suite and plugins for precise alignment with your business processes.

Training and Onboarding

Empower your team with in-depth training for seamless onboarding and proficiency.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Access continuous support for sustained Atlassian success.

Plugin Integration and Custom Development

Integrate plugins and develop custom solutions for extended functionality.

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Atlassian Expertise

Leverage our deep understanding for optimal configuration and customisation.

Tailored Training Programs

Benefit from personalised training for enhanced proficiency.

Continuous Support

Receive ongoing support for peak Atlassian tool efficiency.

Transform Your Atlassian Experience

Elevate your Atlassian journey with our services. Tailored solutions, expert support, and unparalleled efficiency await. Contact us for a bespoke consultation and unlock Atlassian's full potential!

Cloud Migration and Consolidation

  • Server to Atlassian Cloud Migration

  • Server to Atlassian Data Centre Migration

  • Data Centre to Atlassian Cloud Migration

  • Data Centre consolidation Atlassian Cloud consolidation

Atlassian Suits Health Check and Process Optimisation

Unlock your Atlassian tools' full potential with WiQU. Our experts conduct a comprehensive health assessment, tailor processes, fine-tune performance, and proactively prevent issues, resulting in increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and cost-efficiency.

Transforming ways of working with Atlassian tools

WiQU transforms workflows with Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence, offering innovative collaboration, agile project mastery, dynamic documentation hubs, strategic issue resolution, seamless integration ecosystems, tailored customisation, and insightful visibility. Contact us for a more efficient, collaborative, and agile future.

Atlassian Tools Integrations and Customisations

WiQU enhances Atlassian tools for seamless collaboration, offering strategic integrations, crafted solutions tailored to business objectives, and expert consultants. Reliable support ensures continuous improvement, driving increased team collaboration and efficiency.

Data Analytics and Insights

Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence offer built-in analytics for data-driven decisions. Third-party integrations enhance advanced analytics, reporting, and insights, ensuring optimal tool utilisation with a focus on data privacy and security.

Reports and KPIs

Unlock strategic insights with Reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the Atlassian Suite. Jira's customisable reports, Confluence's collaborative reporting, and Bitbucket's code insights enhance project tracking, documentation, and software development.


Optimise Atlassian License Management and Contracts through Co-terming. Align renewal dates for streamlined operations, cost efficiency, and enhanced negotiation leverage. Mitigate compliance risks and implement strategies for effective co-terming.

Cloud Migration and Consolidation

Elevate and Unify your Atlassian tools into the Atlassian Data Center or Cloud Platform

At WiQU, we excel in seamless migrations to Atlassian Data Center or Cloud. Whether transitioning from on-premises servers or consolidating instances, we guide you with confidence.

Why Choose WiQU for Migration?

Migration Mastery:

Consolidation Strategies:

Data Center or Cloud-Centric Optimisation:

Proven Migration Process:

Comprehensive Assessment:

Migration Strategy:

Rigorous Testing & Validation:

Challenges Addressed:

Consolidation Process:

Comprehensive Assessment:

Consolidation Strategy:

Secure Transfer & Rigorous Testing:

Unification and Consolidation:

Ready for Transformation?

Our experts guide your journey, aligning Atlassian tools with your goals.

WiQU - Elevate Tools, Unify Workflow, Thrive in the Cloud. Redefine your Atlassian Future."

Atlassian Suits Health Check and Process Optimisation

Unlock the full potential of your Atlassian tools

In today's collaborative and efficient world, effective use of Atlassian tools is crucial. WiQU provides a transformative experience to ensure your Atlassian ecosystem excels.

Why WiQU?

Comprehensive Health Assessment:

Tailored Process Optimisation:

Performance Fine-Tuning:

Proactive Issue Prevention:


Increased Productivity:

Enhanced Collaboration:


Ready for the WiQU touch?

Contact us to enhance your Atlassian experience. Your Atlassian future begins now.

Transforming ways of working with Atlassian tools

Transforming Workflows, Empowering Futures with Atlassian Tools

WiQU is dedicated to modernising your work methods. In today’s fast-paced environment, we appreciate that efficiency and collaboration are essential. Therefore, we present a holistic solution to revolutionise your organisational processes using Atlassian tools.

Atlassian tools are not just software; they’re the driving force behind successful organisations. Tools like Jira for agile project management and Confluence for dynamic documentation empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly and attain remarkable outcomes.

We’re not mere consultants; we’re your transformation partners. Our experts deeply comprehend the ever-evolving business landscape. We work closely with you to maximise Atlassian tools’ potential, aligning them perfectly with your unique processes and objectives.

Our way of working:

Agile Excellence:

Dynamic Documentation:

Issue Resolution:

Collaborative Coding:

Seamless Integration:

Tailored Customisation:

Insightful Reporting:

Effortless Automation:


Knowledge Hub:

Ready for Transformation?

Our team of Atlassian experts is poised to guide you towards a more efficient, collaborative, and agile future. Let's redefine how you work and Let's build something better together!

WiQU - Transforming Work Methods Today and Tomorrow. Unlock your Atlassian Future!

Atlassian Tools Integrations and Customizations

Unleashing the seamless collaboration and crafted precision of your Atlassian tools

At WiQU, we give utmost priority to seamless integration and customisation of Atlassian tools within dynamic collaborative environments. Our team of experts comprehends your unique challenges and is devoted to delivering solutions that align with your workflow, enhance team collaboration, and fully unlock the potential of your Atlassian tools.

Our Strengths:

Strategic Integrations:

Tailored Solutions:

Consultants Bridging Complexity:

Reliable Support:


Enhanced Team Collaboration:

Data-Driven Decision-Making:


Ready for Excellence?

Our Atlassian experts enrich collaboration, streamline workflows, and orchestrate your tools into a symphony of success, uniquely tailored to suit your specific needs.

WiQU - Precision Meets Innovation. Your Uniquely Crafted Atlassian Ecosystem, Engineered for Success

Data Analytics and Insights

Uncover, Analyse, and Excel with your Atlassian Tools' Data

At WiQU, we recognise that harnessing the true power of data is the key to making informed decisions and driving continuous improvement. As your Atlassian data architects, we unlock the full potential of your Atlassian tools to empower your team with actionable intelligence, bringing clarity to complexity.

Our Strengths:

Unlocking the Power of Data:

Elevate Insights Through Integration:

Collaborate and Conquer with Confluence:

Tailored Solutions for your Analytics Aspirations:

Atlassian Cloud Optimisation:

Ready to illuminate your data and transform it into actionable intelligence?

WiQU - Illuminating your Data, Empowering Your Decisions. Your Atlassian Future, Informed.

Reports and KPIs

Unveiling Strategic Insights with Reports and KPIs in the Atlassian Suite

In the dynamic realm of project management and collaboration, harnessing Reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) holds paramount importance within the Atlassian Suite. This suite, comprising Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket, provides a robust ecosystem that assists teams in streamlining workflows and achieving peak performance.

Jira Reports: Jira, a cornerstone of the Atlassian Suite, excels in project tracking. Customisable reports offer project visibility, enabling teams to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Sprint Reports, Burndown Charts, and Velocity Charts provide real-time insights into Agile projects, ensuring precise deliveries.

Confluence for Collaborative Reporting: Complementing Jira, Confluence, the collaborative documentation tool, serves as a platform for comprehensive reporting. Teams can seamlessly embed Jira reports in Confluence pages, creating a centralised hub for sharing information. Progress updates, project summaries, and detailed status reports become readily accessible.

Bitbucket Insights for Code Quality: In software development, Bitbucket plays a pivotal role. Bitbucket Insights offers KPIs related to code quality, deployment frequency, and pull request efficiency. Monitoring these KPIs empowers teams to uphold coding standards, enhance collaboration, and expedite high-quality software deliveries.

Setting and Tracking KPIs: Key Performance Indicators act as guiding lights, directing teams toward their objectives. Teams align their efforts with organisational goals, ensuring that each project contributes to overall business success.

In summary, Reports and KPIs within the Atlassian Suite are indispensable for achieving efficiency and transparency. By harnessing Jira’s reporting capabilities, Confluence’s collaborative environment, and Bitbucket’s code insights, teams navigate complex projects with precision. Elevate your strategic insights with WiQU and the Atlassian Suite.

License & Contract Optimisation and Co-terming

Enhancing Atlassian License Management and Contracts through Co-terming

At WiQU, we offer a strategic solution for Atlassian License Management and Contracts through Co-Terming. Efficient management of Atlassian software licenses is essential for operational efficiency and financial prudence. Our meticulous approach to optimisation strategies and Co-Terming practices aligns license renewal dates for increased simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Atlassian License & Contract Optimisation involves evaluating user counts, product requirements, and add-ons to eliminate redundancies, resulting in a customised license structure. This process leads to cost reductions and strengthens adaptability to changing organisational dynamics.

Co-Terming simplifies the management of license renewals, reduces administrative complexities, and provides clarity in budgeting by synchronising renewal dates for multiple licenses. This facilitates efficient planning and contract negotiation, offering simplicity and cost savings.

Benefits of Co-Terming include efficient administration, precision in budgeting, enhanced negotiation leverage, and mitigation of compliance risks.

Implementation strategies involve conducting a license audit, proactive negotiation, internal communication, and continuous monitoring and adaptation.

In conclusion, Atlassian License & Contract Optimisation, with a focus on Co-Terming, is a strategic imperative for organisations aiming for efficient software management. It simplifies administrative processes, offers financial advantages, and creates a more agile and cost-effective IT environment. Choose WiQU for streamlined Atlassian license management and contracts through Co-Terming.

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Enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and revolutionary products delivering a seamless, efficient, and transformative user experience maximise productivity

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Enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and Revolutionary products delivering a seamless, efficient.