Project and Business Process Management

Unlock Atlassian Mastery: Elevate your Skills with Specialised Training and Interactive Workshops. Harness the Power of Atlassian Tools for Enhanced Productivity and Team Collaboration.

Streamlined Project Management Solution

Experience unprecedented oversight and efficiency in project management with WiQU. Our innovative approach taps into the power of Atlassian Cloud, guaranteeing that your teams stay on track and meet their deadlines seamlessly. Simplify the process for every business endeavor and watch your projects thrive with ease.

Time Tracking solution

Enhance your time management effortlessly with our Time Tracking solution, harnessing the powerful capabilities of the Tempo plugin and standard Atlassian tools. This solution offers precise time tracking and reporting, indispensable for effective project planning, resource allocation, and efficiency analysis. Tailored to seamlessly integrate with your workflow, it guarantees accurate time management across projects and teams, providing a streamlined and effective approach to your daily operations.

Resource Management

Optimize your resource allocation and management with our premier Resource Management solutions. Leveraging top-tier plugins in the market, we implement systems that provide crystal-clear visibility and control over your resources. This thoughtful approach ensures optimal utilization, effectively balancing workloads and aligning resources with project requirements, all contributing to maximum efficiency and productivity. Elevate your resource management experience with our tailored solutions.

Integrated Ways of Working

Enhance the fluidity of your business processes with our Integrated Ways of Working solution. We skillfully weave together diverse methodologies and tools to craft a seamlessly cohesive workflow system. This thoughtful approach not only promotes collaboration but also elevates efficiency, bringing different teams into alignment under a unified operational strategy. The result is a more productive and agile work environment, fostering a harmonious and effective approach to your business operations.

Project and activity tracking with BI reporting

Empower your decision-making process with our expert-driven business intelligence and reporting services on the Cloud. Leveraging powerful tools such as EazyBI and Charts, WiQU guarantees comprehensive monitoring and insightful analysis of your company's progress. Together, let's unlock the full potential of Atlassian's solutions to make informed, strategic decisions that propel your business forward.

Streamlined Project Management Solution

Maximise Project Portfolio Management: Unleash the Power of Atlassian Suite and Plugins!

Elevate your project management processes with our customised solution that integrates the Atlassian Suite and various plugins. This approach facilitates effective planning, tracking, and collaboration, key to successful project portfolio management and strategic decision-making.

Core Features:

Unified Project Planning:

Advanced Tracking:

Customisable Workflows:

Enhanced Integration:

Ventajas de Elegir Nuestra Solución:

In-Depth Atlassian Expertise:

Plugin Customisation:

Dedicated Support:

Elevate Your Project Management:

Transform your project portfolio management with the combined strengths of the Atlassian Suite and versatile plugins. Our tailored solutions and expert guidance promise unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Get in touch for a comprehensive consultation to take your project management to the next level!

Time Tracking Solution

Efficient Time Tracking: Atlassian Suite and Plugins Unleashed!

Enhance your time management using our solution that integrates Atlassian Suite and plugins. Streamline processes, improve accuracy, and foster collaboration for enhanced project efficiency.

Funciones Clave:

Integrated Time Management:

Enhanced Reporting:

Customisable Workflows:

Integración Sin Problemas:


Atlassian Expertise:

Tailored Plugin Use:

Soporte Continuo:

Revolutionise Your Time Tracking:

With Atlassian Suite and plugins, our solution offers expert support and unmatched efficiency in time tracking. Contact us for a consultation to enhance your time management strategies.

Resource Management

Streamline Resource Management: Atlassian Suite and Plugins!

Improve your resource allocation processes using our solution that blends Atlassian Suite and plugins. This integration facilitates better planning, increased visibility, and collaborative efficiency for your projects.

Funciones Clave:

Efficient Resource Allocation:

Real-Time Visibility:

Solución Configurable:

Smooth Integration:

Ventajas de Elegir Nuestra Solución:

Expertise in Atlassian Suite:

Plugin Flexibility:

Soporte Continuo:

Revolutionise Resource Management:

Take your resource management to the next level with Atlassian Suite and plugins. Our solution offers expert guidance and unmatched efficiency. Reach out for a customised consultation to enhance your resource management approach.

Integrated Ways of Working

Advance Team Collaboration with Atlassian Suite and Plugins!

Revolutionise your team's collaborative efforts using our integration of Atlassian Suite and plugins. This strategy is crafted to enhance teamwork, boost productivity, and create efficient workflows, establishing a more connected work environment.

Funciones Clave:

Cohesive Teamwork:

Enhanced Functionality:

Customised Workflows:

Proceso de Contratación Optimizado:

Advantages of Our Integration:

Atlassian Mastery:

Tailored Plugin Use:

Soporte Continuo:

Elevate Your Team's Collaboration:

Enhance your team's working dynamics with Atlassian Suite and plugins. Our solution offers expert assistance and superior efficiency. Contact us for a bespoke consultation to transform your team's collaborative practices.

Project and activity tracking with BI reporting

Upgrade Project Tracking with Atlassian Suite and BI Reporting!

Revitalise your project management with our integrated solution that combines Atlassian Suite, plugins, and BI reporting. This strategy simplifies tracking, enhances visibility, and employs BI reporting for insightful data analysis.

Funciones Clave:

Unified Tracking:

Real-Time Insights:

BI Reporting Integration:

Customised Workflows:

Benefits of Our Solution:

Atlassian Suite Mastery:

Plugin Customisation:

Enhanced BI Reporting:

Transform Your Project Tracking:

Elevate your project tracking capabilities with Atlassian Suite, plugins, and BI reporting. Our solution brings customised workflows, expert support, and insightful analytics. For a consultation to optimise your project management, contact us.

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